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NSFW/SFW Voice Actress and foley creator. Creating custom Sound Packs and Audios for creators. 
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[F4M] [Erotica Short Story] School Bully Wedgies Femboy In Front Of Cheerleaders And Crush Comforts You [Wedgie]

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[F4M] True Friends [Virgin] [Glove Fetish]

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[F4M} Neko Bullied by his Big Step-Sister [Femboy] [Wedgie]

No ratings

[F4M] Your Shy Girlfriend, Drinks Muscle Potion To Become Your Big Buff Dream


[F4M] Your Crush Uses you as a Butt Plug [Anal Vore]


[F4M] Step Bro's Punishment for Becoming a Tiny

No ratings

[F4M] Pop Goes the Balloon Boy [Balloon Fetish Audio]

No ratings

[F4M] [My Hero Academia] Uraraka Bjs Over Being a Hero

No ratings

[F4M] [Castlevania] Meeting Sypha

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